The residents of Adaven held a number of occupations, many of which dictated their region of origin and their economical stability.


Though people did not exclusively hold one of the job classes below, these twenty-two in particular were unique to certain regions.


Main article: Hasolere
  • Theorists - Grot; record keepers and scholars who manage the workings of Hasoleri society
  • Thaumaturgists - Grot; designers and inventors of Hasoleri technologies and medicines
  • Efficists - Arb; engineers, shipwrights and other craftsmen of mechanical devices
  • Caliologists - Arb; dexterous warriors able to navigate the branches and heights of giant marsh trees
  • Agriculturalists - Fer; field workers and labourers who prefer working with nature
  • Meteorologists - Fer; industrious star gazers who study the weather and the movements of the stars


Main article: Labuga'al
  • Augurs - Dragon Rank; mystics and spiritual leaders who kept individual, sacred mountain dragons
  • Almoners - Dragon Rank; dragonherds and dragon oil refiners who cared for several mountain dragons
  • Wrights - Goat Rank; craftsmen who kept large herds of goats for fur, leather, milk and meat
  • Vicars - Goat Rank; merchants and mediators between Labuga'al and other regions
  • Missionaries - Horse Rank; cavalry who rode out as guards and peacekeepers
  • Sextons - Horse Rank; farmers and hostlers who tamed or cared for draft horse herds


Main article: Raken
  • Proprietors - Cliff; managers of legal guilds and less-than-legal syndicates alike
  • Financiers - Cliff; masters of coin who managed several businesses and trades
  • Scholars - Cliff; teachers and intellectuals who ran the prestigious local academies
  • Laborers - Coast; manpower of a variety of warehouses, stores and farms
  • Sailors - Coast; ranks of the city's flotilla and armada, from admirals to cabin boys
  • Vendors - Coast; local and travelling merchants, who were known for their exotic wares


Main article: Vastness
  • Predators - Anozir; rangers and trackers, intimately familiar with the desert antlions
  • Merchants - Nolander; shopkeepers and managers of the huge, midland markets
  • Necrophages - Anozir; hired guides and protection of caravans in the Vastness
  • Couriers - Nolander; mounted messengers for commoners of all regions


Hasolere Labuga'al Raken Vastness
Intellectual Theorists
Social Efficists Vicars Scholars Merchants
Martial Caliologists Missionaries Sailors Necrophages
Physical Agriculturalists

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